Hello everybody!  My name (Infamous though it appears to be), is Shaunn Lawrence.    In addition to my fyne "Star Trek" costume replicas that I make. I also build CUSTOM MADE REPLICAS of the uniforms from the ORIGINAL  (1978)  T.V. Series,  "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA"!    These costumes have been arduously researched with the help of my fellow Galactica Nut....Cherie Buchheim, in making sure that they are Highly Authentic.   These uniforms are made out of the finest manmade "Upholstery Grade-Suede Cloth" that I can find.   Which I actually owe a debt of gratitude to Mark Dickson for having found this stuff in the first place!   Thankyou Mark!!!    Anyhow!   These costumes are also available for sale....they are CUSTOM MADE!   Per order! 

NO MORE then (3) orders at a time!  (in an effort to NOT repeat History)!   Jose Salcedo graciously helped me by getting me...what seemed like TONS of orders 9-years ago!   It was rather Over Whelming!

To keep things better "In Check"?   I would rather just take no more then (3) orders at a time!   When those are done?   I'll take another (3), and so on.   At least until I can hire some qualifyed people to help me!

Anyway?    Here are thee images.....I hope you like them! 

Well?   That is it for the Shaunn Lawrence  "Battlestar Galactica"  costume slide show.     The Tunic's are FULLY LINED!  In 100% cotton,  (ALL of them)!!    
The trim was from Kathy Pillsbury!   But I now get it from Chris Pappas!   I'm sorry but??   The trim from "Such a Deal" is too COPPERISH!!!  (is that a word)???     I used to line the pants, but now that the fabric is so much stronger, (thankyou Mark Dickson), I no longer have to do that.  

Chris Pappas helped me out TREMENOUSLY with photo's and video's of the original uniforms, and he is just AWESOME!!       My "Viper Pilot Jackets" are interlined with 100% Cotton Canvas just like the Originals were, according to Chris Pappas.    My jackets are also lined with a mixture of  100% cotton for the body of the jacket, (which also BREATHES)!  ...And?
 Some High Quality Acetate for the sleeves, so your arms just GLIDE into the jacket.   Each jacket also comes with 2-Breast pockets!!    (one on each side).

As you can see??   I have no problem in helping the customer chose a "CUSTOM JACKET"  in color, and embellishments.   Keeping within the confines of design set up by the GREAT Designer himself:
 The one and ONLY......" Jean Pierre-Dorleac"!

Each one of thes uniforms is NOT CHEAP!   But??   Higher quality is usually more expensive, like the difference between a "Toyota", and a "Lamborghini"  Both are just cars!   But??  

One of them is MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE then the other!!    Just an example...anyway?      My prices are:   ( I have SEPERATE PRICES for each item indivdually if so desired).

                                               * (These prices are in keeping with "Custom Made" prices for clothing, which also works on Costumes as well) *

A).  Mens or Women's  "Colonial Warrior Uniform"   (as a set)  $ 2, 300.00
                                                                                    Which is:  1-Viper Pilot Jacket  Fully lined, with shoulder pads, and 2-breast pockets, and shoulder pommels are made of REAL Leather Suede.
                                                                                                    2-Warrior Tunics:   1- regular standard issue.
                                                                                                                                  1-Full Dress Standard Tunic (has 4- Hook and Eyes on it to attach cape, and  Necklace).  
                                                                  (BOTH are fully lined in 100% cotton, with shoulder pads, and "Collar Pins and Patches",  from the Battlestar of your choice)!

                                                                                                    1-pair of matching pants  (pants come with a 1-1/4" tall Black MilitaryWeb Belt and Goldtone Buckle, and "welt pockets" on back).
                                                                                                    1- Full Dress Cape    (Cape is FULLY LINED and TRIMMED).
                                                                                                    1- Full Dress Necklace    Made of actual metal...NOT plastic!  In a Gold Plate.  (made by the one and ONLY...Mr. Max Cervantaes)

B).   Men's or Women's  "Command Blue Uniform"   (as a set)   $2,000.00ea.
                                                                                    Which is:   1-Standard Issue Tunic, Fully lined, with shoulder pads.
                                                                                                     1-Full Dress Standard Tunic   ( has 4- "Hook and Eyes" on it to attach cape and Necklace).
                                                                   (BOTH are fully lined in 100% cotton, with shoulder pads, and "Collar Pins" from the Battlestar of your choice)!

                                                                                                     1-pair of matching pants.  (With "welt pockets" on back)
                                                                                                     1- Full Dress Command Blue Cape:  Fully lined in Accetate and Fully Braided and Trimmed!
                                                                                                     (Either uniform comes with Braid and Patches already sewn down).
On this uniform?   Men also get a 3" tall Leather Belt with a Silver Buckle attached!    Women get a 1-1/4" tall  Black Military Web Belt  with silvertone buckle.
                                                                                                     1-Full Dress Necklace.    Made of actual Metal....NOT plastic!  In a Siver Plate.  (made by the one and ONLY...Mr. Max Cervantaes)

C).  Commander Adama's Complete Uniform:   (as a set)       $ 4,600.00

                                                                                Which is:   2-Command Tunics:
                                                                                                          1- Stadard Issue Tunic:   With  "Commander's Medallion" in resin, done in "Silver Leaf"...NOT  PAINT!
                                                                                                          1- Full Dress Tunic with "Hook and Eyes" to help seat the cape, and:  2-button holes for the "Cape Ties" to go thru the Tunic!
                                                                                                                     ( to be tied under the arms to help support the weight of the HUGE Cape)!
                                                  (BOTH Command Tunics are FULLY LINED, in 100% cotton, with Shoulder pads, and "Collar Pins" From the Battlestar of your Choice).

                                                                                                         1-Military Naval Swag Coat   Fully Lined In Accetate Lining Fabric, with "Silver Command Braid and Trim" already sewn down.
                                                                                                         1-Full Dress HUGE  3/4 Circle Cape:   Fully Lined in Satin, with "Ties" to go under your arms to help support the weight.of the Cape.
                                                                                                                     (and "Hook and Eyes" to help seat the cape at the throat area).
                                                                                                          Cape includes:  Braided Silver Metal Rope at throat, already attached!

Please remember?   These Costumes are "CUSTOM MADE"!!!   Per person!!   Per order!!    Please allow a minimum of (8 to 12 weeks),  for Delivery!!

                                                                      I will need a FULL SHEET of Measurements on you to make anything you see here!

                               I will also need a minimum deposit of  50% down before we can get started!    I have a PAYPAL account attached to my personal E-mail  which is:

                                        "slawrencepiscean@hotmail.com"        I wont take more then (3) customers at anytime!!     I hope to hear from you soon!

                                                       Thankyou for your attention.

                                                                                                                                                         Shaunn Lawrence                                      "23rd Century Costumes"

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